• Antibacterial foam dressing with adhesive tape, soft, integrated Nano silver and Polyhexamethylene biguanide (PHMB) provide highly effective antibacterial ability.
  • Absorbent dressing, good fluid retention helps prolong the use of the dressing (up to 7 days). The wide-rimmed dressing is coated with acrylic adhesive that adheres firmly to the skin around the wound without the use of a secondary bandage for fixation.

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– HETIS SILVER ADHESVIVE FOAM is antibacterial foam dressing with adhesive tape, soft. The product is developed based on integrating Nano silver, Poly (hexamethylenebiguanide) hydrochloride (PHMB) into polyurethane foam (PU foam) providing highly effective antibacterial ability.

– The product is composed of 2 layers:

  • The top layer is a PU film (polyurethane film, coated with acrylic adhesive) with a size larger than the size of PU foam (polyurethane foam) allowing the product to cover and stick to the surrounding skin without having to use secondary dressing, semi-permeable PU membrane has the effect of preventing water and microorganisms from entering but still allowing steam to escape and exchange oxygen (MTVR ≥1500 g/m2.24h).
  • The lower layer (in contact with the wound) is a hydrophilic PU (polyurethane foam) foam with high absorbent capacity (11-18 g fluid/g dressing) and keeps fluid in the dressing to help limit the number of dressing changes, while maintaining a suitable moist environment for the wound bed.

– HETIS SILVER ADHESIVE FOAM contains Nano Silver and highly active PHMB, which effectively antibacterial and prevent infections from external bacteria (Effective to kill microorganisms up to 99.99% for gram-positive bacteria and bacteria) gram-negative bacteria).

– HETIS SILVER ADHESIVE FOAM releases a concentration of silver and PHMB slowly according to the amount of fluid absorbed from the wound. Maintains bactericidal ability and protects the wound from microorganisms during 7 days of treatment.

– HETIS SILVER ADHESIVE Foam is soft, elastic and flexible to help patients feel comfortable when using it, without pain and without sticking the dressing into the wound bed like conventional gauze.

– The product is sterilized, each piece in a separate sterile bag.

– The product is convenient, easy to use and manipulate.


HETIS SILVER SILICONE FOAM is indicated for wounds of moderate depth, moderate to heavy discharge, wounds with a high risk of infection such as:

  • Postoperative wound.
  • Injuries due to trauma.
  • Diabetic foot ulcers, foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, etc.
  • Skin grafting area.
  • Partial burns such as 2nd degree burns.

Indicated for external use only, local infection control with the advice of medical staff.

  • Do not use for dry wounds, little fluid, severe burns such as 3rd degree.
  • Do not use for patients allergic to silver and PHMB components contained in the dressing.
Instructions for Use
  • Clean the wound and surrounding areas with a specialized solution. If hydrogen peroxide is used to clean the wound, it should be rinsed with physiological saline before placing gauze on the wound.
  • Choose the dressing suitable for each location, size and shape of the wound.
  • Remove the dressing from the package, remove the bottom protective paper, then place the dressing on the center of the wound bed, make sure the PU Foam is in the center of the wound, continue to remove the rest of the paper, gently rub the silicone layer to stick to the surrounding skin. Finally, remove the upper PE film by peeling along the blue line between the dressing.
  • Regularly follow the condition of the dressing and the wound bed.
  • The frequency of dressing changes depends on the location, type, and the extent of the wound's discharge and as prescribed by the treating doctor (up to 7 days of gauze can be used).
Warning and Precautions
  • Do not use for dry wounds, little fluid, severe burns such as 3rd degree.
  • Do not use for patients allergic to silver and PHMB components contained in the dressing.

- No side effects were detected.

Products are available in different sizes, packed according to the following specifications:
Product code Thickness, mm Dimensions, mm Packing specification
SAF-100100-R 4.5 100x100 1 piece/pack, 10 packs/box
SAF-150150-R 4.5 150x150 1 piece/pack, 5 packs/box
SAF-200200-R 4.5 200x200 1 piece/pack, 5 packs/box
SAF-090150-R 4.5 90x150 1 piece/pack, 5 packs/box
SAF-090200-R 4.5 90x200 1 piece/pack, 5 packs/box
SAF-090250-R 4.5 90x250 1 piece/pack, 5 packs/box
Storage & Shelf life

- Temperature < 25°C.
- Direct transmission with sunlight.
- Shelf life 3 years from date of manufacture.

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